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Company and contact

This website is run on behalf of Quentin Millington by Marble Brook Limited, a company registered in England no. 10691630, with registered office at 2 St Mary’s Road, Tonbridge, TN9 2LB.

You may view our entry with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (opens new tab).

If you have questions about how we use your information, or would like us to amend or delete your data, contact us, in the first place, by email. We’ll respond within two business days.

Our privacy principles

Several principles apply across all the situations where we use and collect personal data.

We collect only the information we need to answer your questions or provide a service.

We will never sell, rent, give away, or otherwise pass on your data without your explicit consent.

We delete your data when we no longer need it.

We will delete or anonymise your data when you ask us to do so, unless law requires us to act otherwise.

We use trustworthy third parties to provide email, survey, data storage, and other services.


Below we explain in plain English how we handle your data in various situations.

Browse our website

We do not monitor visitors on this, our public, website, through Google Analytics or other technologies. When you browse the site, you do so anonymously.

Website cookies

This website does not use tracking or advertising cookies, which is why you do not see a request to accept cookies.

Send us enquiry

We encourage you to send enquiries by email in the first instance.

At our end, messages are stored with zero-access encryption and are seen only by Quentin Millington or other person working for Marble Brook.

If you ring us, or if we talk on a video or conference call, we will not record the call unless both sides agree to do so.

We’ll use any data you submit by email or on a call only to respond to your enquiry. You may ask us to delete message history.

Request newsletter

Quiddity is our email newsletter, sent to subscribers occasionally.

The list is double opt-in so you must confirm you want to receive Quiddity. You may unsubscribe by clicking the link in every email. We remove inactive subscribers.

We use EmailOctopus to collect your email address and send messages via Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES).

SES gathers statistics on email bounces opens, etc. We may be able to tell when a reader clicks a link, for example. SES is less intrusive than other platforms, and Amazon is rigorous in removing spammers.

Use our services

If you contract with us for any services, we agree terms to reflect the interests of both sides.

Our email platform stores all data in end-to-end encrypted form. We can send you password-protected emails that cannot be seen on your internal email servers.

We store client and other data in end-to-end encrypted form on servers located in Switzerland. We have a facility to send and receive encrypted documents, to overcome risks in open transmission.

We retain data only for was long as it is useful for you and for us. We act on data subject access requests quickly and in line with GDPR standards.

Rights and distribution

Unless stated otherwise, rights to all content on this website are owned by Marble Brook Limited and may not be re-distributed without express and prior permission. You may link to any page.

We may ask that links be removed where we believe the association to be harmful to the interests of our company and/or our clients or partners.

Service providers

We use technology from reputable providers that care about security and privacy.

Amazon AWS
Web hosting and related services.

Amazon Simple Email Service
The AWS architecture through which EmailOctopus sends emails.

Address book management and sending newsletter and occasionally other emails.

End-to-end encrypted email, calendars, and document sharing.

End-to-end encrypted document storage and sharing.

Audio and video conferencing.

About this policy

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15 March 2024

Marble Brook Limited
2 St Mary’s Road

Contact us with any questions. We comply with GDPR standards and respond quickly to access requests.